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Tanya M

Rhonda Is wonderful! I came in a year ago with BOTCH!! haircut, hoping to save my long hair but unfortunately it wasn't salvageable. My hair needed to be cut shoulder length. I was devastated-Rhonda helped me make the transition from long to short with a cute style. My hair is long now and to this day I WILL not let any one touch my hair but Rhonda, plus she nailed my old hair style! Love her!

Phyllis W

Rhonda can be described in one word: FANTASTIC. She is a delight to be with and is superbly professional and skilled. The price is right, too. What's not to like? Always feel and look 100x better and get lots of compliments. Thank you, Rhonda!

Nicole M

Ronda rocks hair! I had long boring hair and she was able to give me a short sassy cut that fit my personality. I love it and I get a ton of compliments.

Gail R

Uptown Girl is the best of the best! Rhonda is the BEST in EVERY WAY! I so look forward to every appointment! Talented and fun...never leave unhappy!

Sarah T

I always get so many compliments on my hair and it is all thanks to Rhonda Jackson Hedges. She is absolutely amazing!


Rhonda saved my look again and again. I refuse to show my grey. Maintenance you gals who refuse to look your age!!! Ladies Rhonda is a must try. You will love her cozy studio. I am one of the most impatient people on earth and before I knew it she was done she is a must try! Go Rhonda...Uptown Girl is the place to go!

Sarah S

I love the new studio! I also kinda like having great cuts, colors and conversations!

Irene L

Excellent cut!

Pamela W

Love this new space that is designed for salons in general. It is modern and allows privacy not found in large salons. Rhonda's personal service and excellent skills keep me coming back to her time and time again!

Mark U

Rhonda is an exceptional stylist. As a guy, I prefer stylists over barbers because of the versatility and their ability to help me relax. Rhonda has created a calming atmosphere and possess an exceptional style not only maintaining, but improving my current style. I enjoy everything she has to offer.

Teresa D

Rhonda is the best. When I moved from California 2 years ago, the first thing I did was look for a good stylist. I found Rhonda and have been happy ever since! I now have my whole family going here-Mom, sister, niece and great-niece! All different types and lengths of hair and Rhonda makes us all look fabulous. I get compliments on my hair color and cut at work and church frequently. She has a real sense of what hair color looks good with my very fair complexion. I look better than I did in Cali!

Anita L

Rhonda is a very creative, uplifting, fabulous hair stylist. my hair style had been the same for many years and she said "girlie, it's time to get out of the 80's!!" she gave me a very cute up to date style, colored and highlighted my hair. i left feeling like i was the hottest 40 year old woman in town and i didn't feel like i looked 40 yrs old anymore either! i would recommend rhonda over and over again! thanks Rhonda ;)

Olga P

I absolutely love Rhonda. She takes care of my curly dry hair with so much love!!! It looks and feels so wonderful that I just want to keep coming back for more.

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